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    Enterprise Consultants Group LLC is a tax advocacy firm founded in 2007 and is comprised of Tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and Consultants. Our client list includes businesses and individuals from a wide range of industries. Our goal is not only to resolve tax issues, but to develop a long-term relationship with our clients ensuring future compliance with Federal and State tax agencies. We are true Tax Advocates, not just tax advisors. Rather than just going through the motions of simply filing forms, we fight to get our clients favorable results. When you engage service with Enterprise Consultants Group, you can finally rest assure knowing that you will be receiving the most efficient tax resolution plan that is legally possible.

    At Enterprise Consultants Group, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and gaining their trust. Our willingness to learn about our client’s situation and advocate with empathy means that we care. We typically practice in groups comprised of attorney, accountant, and consultant. This approach allows us to develop collaborative solutions effectively getting our clients the best results. Our talented group of Tax Consultants are passionate about tax advocacy.

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    After my divorce I was left with a heavy tax debt of over $250,000. To make matters worse I was broke and feared that my wages were going to get garnished. I called Enterprise Consultants Group after seeing a TV ad and they quickly got to work with resolving my issue. They settled my tax debt for $3500. I quickly borrowed that amount from family and paid it off. Now that I'm tax debt free, my stress level has come down and I'm doing much better with my finances.

    B. Davis

    The Advocates at ECG helped me clean up a huge mess that another tax firm created. They honestly exceeded my expectations. Now ECG continues to file my taxes every year. I am thankful to have found a firm that I can trust with my taxes.

    J. Flowers

    Before we started working with Enterprise Consultants Group, our company owed $100,000 in past taxes. But the tax attorneys at the Enterprise Consultants Group dealt with the IRS on our behalf. Because of that, we settled our debt for $10,000. The total cost we paid to our tax attorneys was less than the original due. Thank you, Enterprise Consultants Group, for alleviating our heavy burden.


    Our Process

    Step 1
    Our process starts with removing your accounts from active collections and protects you from any further collection.

    Step 2
    We will negotiate and settle your tax debt for as low as the laws allow. Then work out terms for repayment that you can afford.

    Step 3
    Once we have resolved your tax issue, we will ensure your future compliance by educating you on the most advantageous tax plan for your future.O

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