Business Plan Builder

Building a business plan is a vital step in starting a business. It is an description of your business’ goals, products, and services, as well as financial planning of the business. The plan is like a map that shows where your business is currently at and where it will go.

Depending on your business, the plan can vary. A business plan has to be specific to the needs of your company. Each business has its key details where the plan is based.

What Is An Executive Summary?

In creating a business plan, an executive summary highlights your business plan. Most of the time, it is the first part of the project. But it must actually be writing in the last part because the information in it is taken from other areas of the business plan. Since it is just a summary of the plan, it must be short and written in general language.


In the plan, it should indicate the business’ description. You can write specific details or just general nature of the business. In the description, you must include the location and the history of the business.


It must also include the products and services that you provide. Make sure that you include the similarities and differences of what you sell with the same products and services that are already available in the market. If it is in the development stage, you should indicate how long it would be ready before it hits the market.

The Goals And Objectives

They must be clearly written in the plan. You may include your business’ mission statement. It must be a short statement of your business’ purpose. Make sure that they are realistic. Include details of where your business is going. For instance, if your business is retail, your goal should be increasing the number of customers because of your excellent service and reasonable prices


It is an examination of the market, which is made up of potential customers that you intend to reach through your products and services. In this section, you must focus on the market outlook.


A business plan may also include a request for the amount of money that you need to expand or start the business.

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