Certificates of Good Standing

Is your business or company in good standing? Stakeholders would usually ask this question. Other government authorities and regulators would also be interested in knowing whether or not your business is in good standing.

Getting To Know The Certificates Of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing promotes transparency. It also ensures accountability of companies. All duly registered businesses and partnerships in California are required by law to file and comply with the requirements. If a business or a company failed to do so, then they are subjected to penalties, including revocation of registration.

This certificate is proof that your business exists and maintains the state where it is duly registered. It also proves that it has a current legal status with California or the state where it is registered, formed or organized.

Furthermore, this certificate shows that your company is paying the taxes and filing annual reports. It is also a document that proves that your corporation is not dissolved. It always validates your organization’s or business’ existence.

How To Obtain Certificates Of Good Standing?

Just because you are a corporation does not mean that you can easily obtain this certificate. First of all, your business has to be an entity recognized by a government organization. It is achieved by registering with the agency that provides the charter. Your business or corporation should be up to date. That is all appropriate paperwork has been filed, and taxes have been paid properly.

If you paid all taxes and filed all necessary paperwork, your business can obtain the Certificate of Good Standing.

Apart from those things mentioned, this certificate will also help you build a good image. Keep in mind that having a good name is your company’s greatest asset. Earning a good standing status is a vital step to earning a good reputation.

Having a good reputation in business allows you to deal with your customers, employees, and government authorities. And most importantly, you can easily promote your company to potential investors by just showing that certificate.

Because reputation is the key to the success of business, it is vital for corporations to learn the best practices.

How Long Will The Process Take?

It can take less than a week. But it can take longer depending on the status of your business. It is particularly the case if your company has violated some law

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