Minutes, Bylaws, Resolutions

Minutes, bylaws and resolutions include the rules and regulations of your corporation. The State of California has requirements about the items that should be included in the minutes, bylaws and resolutions. These legal preparations are necessary and must never be neglected. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we have tax professionals who can assist you in creating a legal framework. With it, you can limit your personal liability. A legal framework can also protect your company’s interests while you focus on growing your business with legal protection.



When you form a corporation in California, there are other things that you must prepare besides the Articles of Incorporation. It is also important to choose the type of business entity, create asset protection, reduce taxes, and several others.


You must choose the right business entity to determine your significant tax implications. If you are not sure what entity to choose, our tax attorneys will advise you the best corporate structure ideal for your business. Our tax attorneys will be with you to assist your business in growing for years to come.


Forming a corporation must not be taken lightly. If you failed to act as a corporation, you would be subject to personal liability. If you choose to hire us, we can help you draft minutes, bylaws and resolutions that will fit your company’s needs. We will also provide you with the necessary legal advice to keep your corporation in compliance with the law. In that way, the liability of the shareholders is protected. Although it is enough to file the Articles of Incorporation to form a corporation, it is not sufficient to protect your personal liability.


Even if you are the only shareholder, you must maintain proper corporate formalities when running your business. In that way, you can make sure that your personal assets are protected.


Our tax professionals will custom-draft your corporation’s bylaws for the shareholders of your corporation. This document includes the rules and regulations to operate your corporation, information about how to hold meetings and other governing issues.


We will also prepare organizational minutes that your shareholders and directors will require. For your corporation’s tax ID, we will obtain it on your behalf to expedite the process.


If you need help in preparing minutes, bylaws, and resolutions, please contact our tax professionals at 800-950-2237.