Notice of Levy

Notice of Levy

Did you receive a Notice of Levy? If you did, you should act now. At Enterprise Consultant’s Group, we have more than adequate experience in handling bank and wage Levies. In most case we can help by lifting wage and bank levies within one to two days and stop any further seizures.

When dealing with a tax levy in California, it’s a good idea to have the expertise of a tax attorney on your side. This way, any unfair tax levies, or lien filings by the IRS or State can be halted. As we engage service, we can begin intervening on your behalf, so as to secure the release of bank levies or wage garnishments issued by the IRS or State. This is always Step 1.) in our resolution process.  Protection, Resolution, Education.  That is the ECG order of doing business.

The removal of tax liens and levies is a major benefit to our clients, allowing them the ability to buy food, protect their jobs or pay their rent. They can sell or purchase their property or borrow money using the equity in their homes.

Our goal here at Enterprise Consultants Group is to intervene as early as possible so our clients can satisfy their government requirements, thereby, removing the tax liens. In this way, they can immediately repair their credits.

Under California law, you have limited rights to claim appeal hearings. But time is always of the essence. For that reason, you should act quickly and make a consultation today.

If you receive a notice of levy or are intent to levy from the IRS or State, contact our expert tax advocates at  for a free confidential consultation: 800-950-2237.

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