Registered Agent for Service of Process

After forming a corporation or LLC, you will need to specify a registered agent for your company. But what is it?

Here is a scenario: if someone wants to sue your company that someone would ask where he could send the lawsuit. You can always give a wrong name and place, but various states in the US are smart enough to require that every corporation must have a registered agent. An agent is a person with an address in a particular state where a lawsuit can be sent to.

You can easily lose by default if you do not have a registered agent. It is especially true if you are not able to serve or if the paperwork was not sent correctly. For that reason, it is vital to choose a good registered agent who will watch your business. Having a registered agent is your first line of defense to prevent yourself from losing your business to opportunistic attorneys.

When you file Articles of Formation, you must specify who your registered agent is as it is a requirement by law in every state

Can A Business Owner Serve As His Own Registered Agent?

In some states, it is allowed. But we do not recommend it. Even if you have an office where a subpoena can be sent to, for example, you do not want to be served in front of your clients, do you? It is not something that you will want to face and explain to your customers or employees.

Having a registered agent can protect your personal information. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we will protect your personal and financial information and prevent those details from appearing on the Internet. We will place our address on your documents in line with your personal data.

Why Choose Us?

We have a legitimate working office. We have people to accept any time a lawsuit is served. In this way, you can avoid losing a lawsuit by default. As part of our registered agent service, we include unlimited forwarding of government mail.

As previously mentioned, we will use our business address giving you much-needed privacy. In this way, we can prevent roving attorneys from identifying the people behind your company.

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