At Enterprise Consultants Group, our California tax lawyers can solve any tax problems for individuals, estates, and businesses. We cover all types of tax controversy and tax litigation. Listed below are some of the services we offer:

Criminal Tax Defense

Even though there are recent cuts in the IRS resources, criminal tax prosecutions and investigations are still on the rise. If you have to face the IRS Criminal Investigations Division, we have tax professionals who can help you in navigating through the criminal investigations process and the court system. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we believe that the most efficient way to solve tax woes is to address it as early as possible.

California Income Tax – Franchise Tax Board

From a taxpayer perspective, it’s difficult to deal with the Franchise Tax Board. Taxpayers can be easily frustrated when they face the California income tax procedures and the level of service they receive from the Board. Unlike other law firms, Enterprise Consultants Group focuses on California state tax resolution, and we help navigate our clients in getting through the most complicated state tax issues.


Offer in Compromise

Sometimes, a tax debt can be insurmountable. The IRS has a program to settle the tax liability of a person or business through an Offer in Compromise. However, the IRS placed stringent restrictions on the criteria that it uses to determine who will receive the program. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we can dispel the mystery. We pre-screen offers using the same methods utilized by the IRS, and we only submit offers in compromise that we believe have a higher chance of acceptance. If a client presents circumstances that we do not believe that the IRS will approve, we can formulate a strategy to give an offer in compromise that is acceptable to the IRS.

IRS Audits

When you receive an audit notice in the mail, for example, we understand that it is a scary experience. Audits are time-consuming. IRS audits taxpayers that it feels that there is a higher chance for a bigger adjustment that will cost a taxpayer thousands of dollars as a result. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we level the playing field regarding IRS audit. After you consult with us, we come up with a game plan to deal with the auditor. We develop a strategy to minimize audit’s biggest issues and move them out of the process as quickly as possible.

These are not the only tax issues that we can handle. To know more about our other services, please call us at 800-575-9284