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Tax Audits

No one wants to be audited, and no one wants to receive a tax audits letter from the IRS. A tax audit is a scary proposition. However, a tax audits letter does not necessarily mean that you have done anything wrong. Rather, the letter actually tells you that the IRS is planning to review a few items on your return, to ensure that they are reported correctly. Furthermore, the letter will also tell you that the IRS may question the validity of what you have stated.

Unfortunately, tax audits are costly and extremely time-consuming. This is particularly true if the revenue agent assigned to your case is overwhelmed by the document requests. However, swift action can reduce the aggravation caused by tax audits. Unless you did something seriously wrong in your tax return, you do not have to worry about criminal prosecution.

The Advantage of Calling a Tax Professional

You may consider handing your tax problems on your own. However, referring to professional tax representation can give you a significant advantage. One of the reasons is that some IRS agents have the tendency to be inflexible on taxpayers, because they know that they have more in-depth knowledge of the procedure than the taxpayer. As you can see this this gives them a key advantage in the fight.

With a skilled representative on your side, you can turn the tables on the agent and neutralize their advantage. Furthermore, having a tax professional representing you at the audit will prevent you from being cross-examined. Keep in mind that the primary goal of most tax audits is to limit the flow of information. But it is difficult for a taxpayer to avoid being questioned. That being said know this, anything you say can and likely will be used against you.

When encountering an IRS agent, you may get nervous. Worse, you could overstate or provide false information. But you have to remember that false statements are considered a serious offense.

Because tax audits are examinations of your business and “personal” financial situations, you may become emotional during the course. With the help of a tax professional, you can take that emotion out of the process. Using this approach, you can establish a working relationship with the auditor. In fact, most IRS agents prefer working with representatives vs. dealing directly with the tax payer.

Does It Signal That You Did Anything Wrong?

Some of our clients ask us if hiring a tax lawyer might signal to the auditor that they did something wrong. We always tell them that hiring a professional representation would indicate to the IRS agent that you are taking the audit seriously. Having a representative can minimize your paperwork and shorten the process. This is an advantage for both sides and it can lead to a better outcome.

In other words, we suggest you work with a skilled representative before you make the decision of handling the tax audits by yourself.

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For some unknown reason, I neglected to file my income taxes for several years. With that, I ended up getting notices from the IRS. I had no knowledge on how to deal with the IRS, so I contacted Enterprise Consultants Group as recommended by a colleague of mine. The firm’s tax attorneys helped me get a good deal. My funds are back. Thanks, Enterprise Consultants Group.

Edward Nigel

Before we started working with Enterprise Consultants Group, our company owed $100,000 in past taxes. But the tax attorneys at the Enterprise Consultants Group dealt with the IRS on our behalf. Because of that, we settled our debt for $10,000. The total cost we paid to our tax attorneys was less than the original due. Thank you Enterprise Consultants Group for alleviating our heavy burden


Enterprise Consultants Group has outstanding attorneys. They kept me informed promptly. They we’re not in a hurry to settle our case just to get their fees. They did what they could to get me the best settlement I deserved. I would recommend them to any person who needs help with his tax problems.


My business received letters from the IRS indicating that they had opened and audit. In know I needed help but I was reluctant. I Google searched and found Enterprise Consultants Group, then called for a free consultation. I was impressed with professionalism knowledge of the consultant that I spoke to so I hired them for my business. During the audit period they were always available to answer my questions. I feel that they handled things efficiently and I'm very happy with the end result.

C. Bell

After my divorce I was left with a heavy tax debt of over $250,000. To make matters worse I was broke and feared that my wages were going to get garnished. I called Enterprise Consultants Group after seeing a TV ad and they quickly got work with resolving my issue. They settled my tax debt for $3500. I quickly borrowed that amount from family and paid it off. Now that I'm tax debt free, my stress level has come down and I'm doing much better with my finances.

B. Davis

The Advocates at ECG helped me clean up a huge mess that another tax firm created. They honestly exceeded my expectations. Now ECG continues to file my taxes every year. I am thankful to have found a firm that I can trust with my taxes.

J. Flowers