Tax Professionals

When Americans are faced with tax problems, they feel alone and under stress. Fortunately, there are tax professionals at Enterprise Consultants Group who specialize in representing clients before the IRS and other state revenue agencies.

Our tax professionals are tax lawyers and CPAs.

What are tax attorneys?

They have a Juris Doctor degree. Before they can work as a tax attorney, they need to pass a state bar examination. But to be a prominent tax attorney, you need to undergo training on federal and state tax laws and procedures.

A tax attorney can have a Master of Laws in Taxation, which is an advanced degree that focuses on the taxation of trusts and estates, elder law and estate planning and tax controversy, among others.

The state licensed tax attorneys have a comprehensive background in accounting and finance. To practice before the IRS, these attorneys have to be qualified as a CPA.

Enrolled agents, on the other hand, are professionals with qualifications in tax matters. They passed the written examination administered by the IRS. These agents are knowledgeable about tax levy, state levy, franchise tax board lien, bank account levy, among others.

If you receive a notice of levy, tax professionals at Enterprise Consultants Group can help. Even though taxpayers can solve their own tax problems without the aid of tax attorneys, enrolled agents or tax professionals, this option is not the most prudent one. The reason for this is that IRS and its codes and procedures are intricate. Thus, it is ideal that you work with tax professionals with experience in handling the IRS.


How about tax relief?

Some tax professionals specialize on tax issues or tax relief. These professionals can assist you with reducing fines and penalties, removing tax liens and ending bank liens, among others. Small business owners seek assistance from tax professionals for their self-employment tax concerns and tax issues. Although they can use a tax accountant when filing tax services, tax attorneys can offer them better services. They can help you avoid tax woes before they even start. These professionals can also predict potential legal problems before they become too late. Apart from that, tax attorneys can offer you legal protection.

If you find yourself being frightened of the IRS because of the notice of levy, consulting tax professionals is an ideal choice. Tax penalties don’t go away on their own. They must be solved immediately before they go out of hand. Make a consultation today with our tax professionals at 800-575-9284